IP alert – Dutch Design Week 2023

Dear designer,

Ready for Dutch Design Week? Awesome!

But beware: if you showcase your idea or design without a patent application, you might no longer be eligible for a patent. A patent protects technical inventions and methods. But to get a patent, the invention or method must be new. If it has been exhibited, it’s not ‘new’ anymore.

To protect the outer appearance of a design you can have design rights. If you’re unveiling your design for the first time at DDW, you have one year to protect it with design rights.

Also, good to note: you can have copyright on your creations including software without registration.

Did you make your creation for your boss or someone else? It’s best to consult with them before showing anything. They may want to get patent protection. Besides, some things are trade secrets, and revealing them could have negative consequences.

Need advice on your plans for DDW or protecting your idea, concept, or design? Reach out to one of the specialists at Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten. They’re there to help.

Best of luck and enjoy the Dutch Design Week 2023!