You can rely on us specifically for legal assistance and advice relating to intellectual property law, including advertising law, IT, eCommerce, Internet, privacy law and commercial contracts. This includes advice, drafting, assessing and/or negotiating contracts in these areas and defending your interests in the event of disputes.


As specialised lawyers, you benefit from our many years of experience. We sharpen our knives and stand ready in battle dress when necessary. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to advise and litigate quickly, sharply, to the point and skilfully.

In proceedings, we clearly state our opinion on your chances and risks. We always try to achieve the best possible solution for you.


We answer all your questions in plain language with clear conclusions and recommendations on the direction we advise.

Furthermore, we have experience in carrying out an IP or IT due diligence (vendor or buyer). We also act as binding advisor or arbitrator in our areas of expertise.


As specialised lawyers, we know what needs attention and, above all, what needs to be arranged properly. We use the knowledge and experience from proceedings to negotiate and draw up good contracts in avoidance of an unfavourable position in later disputes.

Maintain and support

We have crucial knowledge and experience in managing contracts, licences, intellectual property rights and digital assets. This enables you to arrange your governance and compliance.

National and international

Thanks to our informal network of specialist lawyers in other countries and other fields of law, we can also provide adequate advice and support whenever and wherever necessary.